In November 2017, our family opened the doors to Gold River Automotive. We redefine auto care with modern technical expertise and timeless personal service. Our ASE-certified technicians boast years of experience handling diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance with expertise and care. Renovated service bays have advanced tools, elevating us above typical shops. The inviting waiting room houses “the Spark” coffee station, magazines, and games. Our quality surpasses the average while prices remain competitive. Backed by a 24,000-mile warranty, our work and parts deliver peace of mind. A family-owned and operated shop, we’re here to care for you and your family. We are also proud sponsors of the Gold River Discovery Center.

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the team at gold river automotive
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Meet Renton and Max Garrett, the dynamic duo at Gold River Automotive. Renton has a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento. He is an ASE Certified Automotive Technician and a seasoned manager with 15 years of experience overseeing every facet of automotive diagnostics and repairs. Renton is married and is the proud father of two daughters. Max holds a degree from WYOTech Automotive Institute and has delved into 30 units of Electro-Mechanical Robotics at Sierra College. He has nine years of industry experience and is adept at workshop operations and management. His knack for sourcing the best parts prices benefits customers, and his enthusiasm for staying abreast of automotive technology is unparalleled. Currently engaged, Max is gearing up for his upcoming wedding. Renton and Max embody Gold River Automotive’s commitment to excellence and innovation, making them indispensable assets to our team and your auto care experience.